Bubba Says What?

Bubba’s gotta Bubba and nobody ever said you had to be smart to be a Football fan so these dorks are insisting on keeping their ” Arrowhead Chop chant.” even though they look like and sound major dweebs every time the subject comes up and they try to defend themselves and their poor choices.

 I am all about letting your creative side run crazy but I think if these Bubbs renamed their chant or whatever the hell it is, then I’m actually good with it.

I have a few suggestions that will reflect who they are, what they represent and I’m sure it would fly because then their chant would indeed be THEIRS.

Here they are:

The Hillbilly Chop
The Trailer park Slap
Where’s my damn sammich Woman?
Yep. I think I’ve solved this one.
You’re welcome.

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