When You Are Together


Painting By Remedios Varo

People who are


don’t have to walk into dark rooms alone.


People who are


don’t have to wipe their runny noses

on their sleeves when they cry

because there is somebody there

to hand them a box of tissues

and say

‘ there, there, don’t cry we can face this together’


People who are


don’t have to speak in complete sentences

or do the the dishes if they don’t feel like it

they smile at the same time, spit nails at the same time

like a dance, on cue

because they are together.


I come in parts

some of them are missing

some them don’t fit together right

I don’t even think some of those parts are mine

but I have a shadow inside of me that isn’t in parts

and sometimes I think it’s more real then I am

because it has it together

lucky dark shadow

it has it all together I wonder if it wants to take my place?


Probably not.


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