One Door

RDP Wednesday – COALESCE

Attic room by Henry Davis Sleeper (American antiquarian, 1878-1934)

I heard the floorboards in the hallway

outside of my bedroom door creaking

I heard someone take a little breath

from the other side of my door

before they started knocking

sharp little taps that sounded like knuckles in an aged hand popping.


” Are you in there? ” they whispered.  ” Will you let me in? Are you still angry, after all of

this time?  You can’t still be mad. Let me in. Please.  Don’t be mad anymore. ”


I heard the floorboards  inside of her bedroom creaking

and I heard someone take a little breath near my ear after I stopped knocking

it  sounded like old bones shifting in a shroud dusty with age

” I’m not mad. ” it said ” I’m not angry anymore. Come now. Turn around and let’s be

friends.  Just leave your  knife on the hall table-

this time.”



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