Where Wolfie Sleeps

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Prompt#2 Lavender Lullabies

( As a sidenote- my Cat Wolfgang is buried under a bed of Lavender- not the one in the photo though. )

Photo A.M. Moscoso


His bones are sleeping

under a bed of lavender in my garden

and every morning the bees sing to him

and every night

the birds call out sleep tight to him

and when it rains or it snows and

his bed of lavender turns cold

I open the door and call for him to come in

but he is asleep and he doesn’t wake up.

One day, I think he will.

Strawberry Kisses

Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Prompt#1- STRAWBERRY KISSES

Edvard Munch

Wine soaked kisses belong to the Spring

to false winters and ersatz Summers

Spring kisses are promised kisses

and promises are fragile and easily broken.


But Strawberrry kisses

are full and sweet

in the Summer and Autumn when the Sun is pale

and the air is dusty and tired


Strawberry kisses are Vampire kisses

they take what they need

and offer so little in return

and their victims don’t even care.


Celebrating The Survivor


Rene Magritte Original Title: Le survivant

There is a painting

hanging on a wall

of a  bleeding rifle

in an empty hall.


The painting is bathed in

a golden light

painted flowers are blooming

just in the rifle’s sights.


One woman said this is a patriots tale

this gun belonged to a hero

home from war

but I don’t think this is a Patriot’s Tale.


I think it’s obvious who came home

whose story this is

who came  came through the door

who the flowers are for and why no one else is there-


Celebrating the Survivor