87 Days To Halloween

There are reasons for odd and curious looking for photos and paintings that turned strange beyond the artist’s control- like this picture The film was found in an old camera and developed years later. That’s why it looks strange and haunting.

Theo J. Lammers,

and then there’s this painting that took on a new life because of the internet. What a story! If you are curious and looking for some more Pre-Halloween Chills, check out some of the artwork that came after ” Hands “ HERE

The boy in the painting is the artist, William Stoneham. He is also in the second painting- now he is an adult. I could spill the beans about the story the paintings tell, but it’s much more fun to see if you can figure it out first.

William Bill Stoneham
” The Hands Resist Him “

Resistance at the Threshold

Here are some articles about the painting:

This ‘haunted’ painting has been terrifying people for decades

FromWikipedia: The Hands Resist Him