Beware The Quacking Duck


I belong to an FB Facebook page that features artwork- it’s a great page because of the variety of art that various members post.

Recently one person started a string because the artwork that another person had been posting featured ‘ugly women’ and that must mean, as some people chimed in,  that this person was a Misogynist and felt threatened by beautiful and powerful women.

What a bunch of bull&^*!

When this painting showed up I asked  myself what do I see-  I thought of some people that I used to work with- this painting captures their vanity, their pettiness, their duplicity their mean and passive aggressive natures.

And guess what, the four individuals I saw in this painting aren’t women, they are men.

What I saw on this canvas weren’t human bodies, what I saw was a glimpse of the human spirit.

 Heads-up  sometimes if it quacks like a duck it won’t be a duck. 

Life throws those  tricky curve balls all the time.

Karl Hubbuch