Little Windows

This is what I see on my way to work every morning and this is what I see when I leave.

The view from the train doesn’t get much better as the miles go on.

This is what I take with me when it’s time to write.

Gross. It’s just gross

Photo A.M. Moscoso

So I like to use these videos to cleanse my palette before I write. Believe it or not it helps. If I take enough of it in, I pull up the sounds and images on my own and when I start to write I’m a million miles away from the grossest stretch of railroad tracks in Washington state.

It works a lot of them time.

So these little windows are for writers, I thought they were great. I hope you enjoy them too.

68 Days to Halloween

A thought about what puts some Halloween decorations a cut above the rest:

I would say that if your neighbors mistook your decoration for the real thing- well.


There 68 Days to Halloween-it’s  game on.