63 Days To Halloween

From Pluto’s Gate to a haunted asylum, here are some interesting places to visit on Halloween- if you dare.


It’s not every day that superstitious rumors are proven to be true. Well, Pluto’s Gate in Turkey was definitely proven to be as dangerous as everyone says. Since ancient times, no one dared enter it.

Scientists who came to study this phenomenon found that there were heavy CO2 concentrations in the cave which caused all of the deaths within it. It’s much safer during the day, since the increased temperature causes the CO2 to weigh down to the bottom, but no one really wants to risk it.

Rancho Los Amigos

The Rancho Los Amigos (“Friends Ranch”) opened up in 1888.The facility was built in two distinct quarters, known as North and South Campus.

Occasionally, the abandoned South Campus is utilized for training by the US Army and Marines.

In 2006, a group of Marines discovered a collection of mummified legs, arms and brain tissue in a freezer at the facility.

South Campus has become a hotspot for paranormal encounters ever since.

Locals have said that several people who continue to reside at North Campus continuously complain to staff that they can hear the sounds of spirits crying from the abandoned buildings.