Happy Little Clouds

RDP Monday: Ramble

This post  goes all around the houses, but there is a point to it:

Last Saturday I was up and at ’em by 6:oo because me and my dog Hamish had a play date at the Lake scheduled with his cousin Stitch ( my Sister and her family’s dog ). We were excited to get together because we had  been out of town to literally opposite ends of the Country and like our dogs me and my Sister’s family enjoy our walks around the lake ( rain or shine and BOY has it rained on us at times!) that we had missed for a couple of weeks.

So on our way back  from our mini walk before we headed to the Lake, I look up North and in a sky full of fluffy white clouds ( happy little clouds as Bob Ross would have called them ) was this patch of black and gray clouds.

I thought they were thunderclouds- but I didn’t put to much though into it. I just wanted some pictures of those clouds because I thought those ominous clouds would look perfect on my upcoming Halloween posts:

( just as a note this is a raw picture, it hasn’t been cropped or enhanced )

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It turns out my happy little clouds weren’t exactly  all clouds.

There was a fire at a cold storage unit and what I saw was the smoke from that- along with the poisonous gas that was turned loose after the explosion ( which I did hear but I live near the freeway and bombs and thuds and crunching sounds happen so much I don’t  really pay attention to them anymore )

Here are some youtube clips of the news broadcast where you can see live what I didn’t see until much later in the day- and NO I did not drive into the area to ‘check it out’.

Apparently a lot of people did because  some people are stupid.

So my happy little clouds weren’t happy- they weren’t even real clouds! I felt kind of silly when I found out I had been standing upwind from a potentially toxic cloud and I was standing there taking pictures of it like the biggest dork in the world.

But on this day my luck held out and the cloud didn’t head my way. Which was weird because I am not known for being lucky.

I took these from the safety of my living room window:

Photo A.M.Moscoso

Photo A.M.Moscoso

Yes indeed, that is how my weekend went- I hope yours involved REAL happy little clouds.  My hope for myself  is that the next time I look up, it won’t be into something that has teeth.

To Heck With You

RDP Sunday: Aghast

Gertrude Abercrombie

Over the last few years until just a few days ago

I have had terminal illnesses carry away some members of my family and threaten the lives of others.

I’ve watched these people fight and watched their loved ones rise to  breathtaking heights of  bravery in the struggle that  they faced and it humbled me.

So if you are an Anti Vaxxer, if you are an Anti Masker and I had to sum you up, as an individual in one word,  I would ink this word on your forehead for all of the world to see: