Just Like Grandma

RDP Saturday: Kaleidoscope

Andrew Wyeth

The girl in the backseat of the Jeep had her forehead pressed against the window, but she wasn’t watching the view fly by.

Not that it wasn’t a nice view-the girl’ s family lived by the ocean and the drive up to the bluff where their family home was looked like something out of a commercial with people sitting on a porch in warm fuzzy sweaters with cups of steaming hot chocolate in their hands.

She sighed and when she did her Dad pounced on her heavy sigh with both feet. ” Just watch the attitude. I mean. it. ” he turned to her Mother who was driving and said. ” I swear to God she has your Mother’s big mouth. ”

Her Mother pounced on Dad’s barb- and thorny or not she landed on it with both feet. ” Oh sure. Blame it on my Mom. You know where she get’s that evil eye that she’s using on us right now? Well she got it from your Mother, Hombre. ”

The girl snickered and closed her eyes.


” Are you listening to us? ” her Father barked at his daughter. ” I swear to God, we need to get you a hearing aid because YOU CAN NEVER HEAR A DAMN THING WE SAY TO YOU. ”

” Listening to what? ” She did not point out that the entire Pacific Coastline could have heard the both of them.

” We’re talking about your awful attitude. ”

” Fine. I got it. I’m sorry. I’m listening. ”

The girl took a little inventory so as to better put her attitude in place.

First of all, her parents name her Idette. Second of all they named her Idette and thirdly ….they named her Idette. If you don’t think she was socially damned from the minute she was turned lose on the world then you have about as much good sense as Idette’s parents when it comes to naming children.

” At least try to not be so sour when we get to your Grandmother’s. Try to be pleasant. You’re on notice Idette Varraso. You had better not be a rude little beast.”

Idette watched the Full Moon sailing up into the sky and she didn’t sigh.

She did howl though, just a little and very softly.

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