Guess What I Got Today

Last year I went traditional and sent out Christmas cards with Labrador Retrievers sitting in front of a Christmas tree. They were Chocolate Labs, which was I thought was a nice touch because my dog is a Chocolate Lab.

So I get these messages that in effect say the cards were sweet and that it was change to get a card from me at Christmas that didn’t come in a black envelope and gee,  that was different wasn’t it? By the way, was I feeling ok? Maybe a little down? Did I need a hug?

Well. Last Christmas sucked because of the lockdown so I thought I was doing something uplifting and positive so I didn’t send out my usual cards:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

You can bet your mistletoe I won’t be making that mistake again. Did I need a hug. Sweet holy baby Rudolph and the sleigh he pulled on that foggy Christmas Eve.

This year I made sure to get MY traditional Greeting cards and  will be sending them out to the people I love and care about.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The rest of you get Hallmark greeting cards with that glitter that bleeds all over the place and somehow a few flecks manage to get  into your eye and makes it itchy and runny.

That’ right friends- I’m feeling the Spirit and we are both ready to raise little, um cheer. Sure. That’s it we’re going to raise a little Christmas cheer.


Holidailies Prompt: Do you send holiday cards? Do you buy them at the store, send via email, or make your own?

4 thoughts on “Guess What I Got Today

  1. Our cat does Santa claws, but out dog – a gentle soul- does Santa Paws. Guess who gets on the naugthy list every year?
    One year I sent out a Christmas letter to the whole family. At the top was our traditional Nativity scene, made up of bits and pieces of all the sets wet had owned as the kids have grown up. So there were multiple Mary’s and many Jesus’ ( Jesii?) My darling wife’s religiously conservative relatives didn’t get the joke. Maybe I should send them Krampus cards this year! Would my marriage survive?

    • They should be into Krampus- he punishes all of those naughty people. But I’m just spitballing here. When I was little my Dad’s family had Krampus decorations and some stories about a monster showing up if you weren’t good. I on the other hand saw it as Halloween sticking around for a few more months so I took that as a win win. I’ve always been a glass half full type of person

  2. Love your Krampus greetings! And last year I had your Lab card on the mantle. All of a sudden the whole picture was of a chocolate lab! Or did I have too much Christmas cheer!

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