Flashback To Not So Long Ago

Reposted for Fandango’s Flashback Friday

First Published December 24, 2020

I wrote this post last year on Christmas Eve- of course it’s like Christmas and all of the other Holidays never happened last year because we were in lock down .  I didn’t belong to a ” Pod ” so sure, it was a pretty awful Holiday Season.

But it looks like not all was lost- and spoiler alert, I did get to see my Granddaughter over the Summer and I’m going to be seeing her in a few more months again.


Word of the Day Challenge: Rejoice


My granddaughter is the one bright spot in my less then stellar Christmas.

I can’t be with her this year, but if I do what I can and what I should to keep myself and the people around me safe and healthy I know I will see her next year.

So in the midst of this sadness I have my reason to rejoice.

I hope you have one too.


Photo: Moscoso/Casey

Photo:  Moscoso/Casey

Photo: Moscoso/Casey

Photo: Moscoso/Casey

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