You Gotta Believe

An 8 year old from Idaho puts his hand written book on library shelf and it’s now on a waiting list.
The book written by this adventurous young author is titled “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis,” and  is signed “by Dillon His Self.”

Dillion’s book tells the story of Helbig decorating a Christmas tree when the star blasts him to the first Thanksgiving and the North Pole. Infamous holiday antagonist the Grinch also makes an appearance at the end.

Dillon believed in his work so much ( it’s over 80 pages long and illustrated ) that he went on quite an adventure to get it into the library.

I’m hoping he writes about that next.

If you watch this clip you’re going to hear from a natural born storyteller and he is AWESOME.

You can read an article posted by People Magazine about Dillon and his book  HERE


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