The Saturday Slaughter Fest On Netflix

On Saturday I like to check out the scary movies on Netflix, and I’m usually not disappointed.

And then this Saturday rolled around.

I watched ( at least the first three episodes of each )

All of Us are Dead

it’s a series about teenagers trying to survive  ( snooze ) a zombie apocalypse. Didn’t like the pacing, the opening scene looked like something from a computer game that’s been used in a million of other computer games and oh yeah I’m sick of the entire zombie genre- I’m as bored with it as I am of Vampires and that is saying something.

Feria: The Darkest Light

I had hopes for this one, it started out ok, but mid way I really stopped caring what happened to the  two teenager sisters – (got to mention  because for some reason its a big talking point in the show,  one is a model- ) when their story line took them to cowering in the shower together ( big surprise  one of them is naked- you know to show she is vulnerable and innocent -yawn yawn yawn ) and from that point on I couldn’t see them figuring out how to make their own lunch, let alone escape the clutches of demons from another dimension.

So I tuned out.

So thanks Netflix for laying these eggs and spoiling my weekend fun- these movies even made my popcorn taste bad.


Netflix, you slaughtered my Saturday and not in a good way.

That sucks.


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