Thomasine Wren


Photographer Unknown

I could tell you a story about a baby who was stolen from her crib by fairies and in her place the fairies left a fairy child who grew up to be a fairy queen and between the time she was a baby and a young woman the changeling was responsible for things like-

the missing school teacher, the missing Minister- who technically wasn’t missing because they found parts of him in Mr Finlay’s Pumpkin patch and the missing Constable and the missing librarian.

I could even tell you her real name before she was flown in through the nursery window- her name was Gemina.

I could even tell you which window the Fairies brought the Changeling through.

But all of these little bits of my changeling story are neither here nor there because Gemina the changeling didn’t do any of those dark and devilish deeds.

On the night the Fairies snuck in through the window and before they could switch the babies, just as the full Moon’s cold silvery blue light filled the nursery –

Thomasine’s mother stormed into the nursery. She slammed the windows shut and quick as lightning she caught those wicked fairies and in the end she fed them all to her family for dinner on fancy bone and chine plates by candlelight.

Werewolves love slow roasted fairies, they taste just like chicken I’ve been told.

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