The Righteous Lovers


Vincent van Gogh

The day she had to put her dog to sleep

he sent his sidechick a picture of her dog

laying with her head between her paws on red blanket at the Vet’s office.

The walls in the room where her dog died were painted a soft

shade of almost pink and there was a love seat with pillows behind them

there were pictures of meadows filled with flowers on the wall.

” Take your time. ” the Vet told her

after she said her dog was gone- and she did.


She didn’t know he had taken that picture of her dog as they sat with her.

He used to call her dog ‘stupid’ and joked about how dumb and lovable she was

but she figured out he wasn’t really talking about her dog.

He really did think he was being clever and cruel without being really cruel.


He sent his sidechick a picture of her dying dog because

his sidechick liked animals and when you are in love

everything you do for that person seems pure and right and true.


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