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RDP Friday: Disquieting

If you go to Google and ask it to find you epitaphs- it will.

Some of the ones that it will pull up are traditional and some are disquieting and others are funny.

I found these and these lines in my search. Some will give you the evil chuckles and others are little horrifying.

I’ll let you decided which are which.


Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Dr Chard (19th Century)

Here lies the corpse of Doctor Chard,

Who fill’d half of this churchyard.

Delia (16th Century)

Here Delia’s buried at fourscore;

When young, a lewd rapacious Whore,

Vain and expensive; but when old,

A pious, sordid, drunken Scold.

Unknown Vicar (18th Century)

He was literally a father to all the children of the parish.

John Macfarlane (dates unknown)

Erected to the memory of

John Macfarlane

Drowned in the Waters of Leith

By a few affectionate friends.

Photo A.M. Moscoso



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