Three Fun Halloween Facts About Me-

Three Fun Halloween Facts About ME-

Three little Halloween Facts about me-


When I was super little- like up until the first grade I used to ask to dress up like a dog for Halloween- even though I really wanted to be a werewolf. I thought it was a compromise LOL.

I ended up being a ” Princess ” because that’s the ‘compromise’ my Mom gave me. So I ended up wearing a jacket over my costume and wore the mask over the back of my head.


My favorite house to visit on Halloween wasn’t the one next door ( that I actually really loved to go to )where the ” Hippie Kids ” lived. The cool things about them were that the littler you were they gave you more candy, they went all out and decorated their house and wore awesome costumes.

My favorite house to visit on Halloween was Mrs. Parson’s house ( she lived on the other side of us ). She was always wore black and a single strand of pearls and she was very old fashioned but I discovered ( after overhearing her talking to my Great Grandmother one day ) that her Dad had been an executioner and she had an old grandfather clock in her living room with the hands stopped at 3:00 ( I never learned why ).

All of that aside, Mrs. Parson’s was always very nice to me- she used to invite me to tea after school and she helped me with my reading lessons.

Interesting followup to that- I was reading up two years ( second grand level )by the time the school year ended and I was only 6 years old and had just finished kindergarten.


I had a job at a cemetery and on Halloween Night and All Soul’s Day we used to have a lottery to see who could pull the overtime and work because we used to order Pizza and take bets on how fast it took the Pizza place to call back and verify that YES we were a Funeral Home and YES we wanted our Pizza. We spent a lot of money on Pizza that night, but it was fun. Also we used to like to wander around the cemetery see what people were getting up to.

I wish Youtube had been around then.

But all I have are my memories and that will have to do.

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  1. Thanks for the recollection, AM.
    Don’t remember too many details for kid-hood, but a few years after that there was this:

    As Best I Can Recall

    We used to Trick-Or-Treat
    with a shot glass
    and a plastic baggie.
    Once, I got lost
    at the next-door-neighbors
    and didn’t make it home
    until Thanksgiving.

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