There are 54 days to Halloween- will you be spending them alone?


One night

I sat at a desk  in a dark and chilly study

and watched the fog roll in from Apple Orchard across the road

from where I have lived, all of my life.


The fog moved around the trees, politely

it crept across the lawn silently

it reminded me of my one eared cat stalking it’s prey

before killing it for fun.


The quiet mist slid up to my house,  it crawled up the brickwork

and then it clung to my window

and dripped tiny droplets of water

that crackled as they slid down the panes of chilly glass one by one.


I closed my eyes

and then I opened them

and if I blurred them just a little

I knew for certain that the eyeless face, with the jagged teeth

I saw in the window

that the fog had hungrily devoured

wasn’t mine.

This time.



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