A Tale of Two Mummies

There are 11 days to Halloween and I am here to say it’s going to be a Double Creature Feature at my house this weekend.

Unusual shots of Karloff as the MUMMY (1932)

First up I’m going to watch  ” The Mummy ” staring Boris Karloff and after I’m done with that,  I’m going to sit back with a fresh bowl of over buttered popcorn and watched The King do battle with a Pharaoh with a nasty potty mouth.

What? What film is that I am speaking of?

Bob Ivy as Bubba Ho-Tep

Why Bubba Ho-Tep of course:

Bubba Ho-Tep is one of those films I only watch at Halloween- and it’s not for the obvious reason. I watch it in the Fall because at it’s heart this is a story about two men facing their own Autumns and even though it’s cold and dark for them, they are brave enough to face  it head on.

In addition   I just love this film to death- so here are some clips featuring and interview with Bruce Campbell, my favorite fight scene and music from the film.


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