Let’s Go To The Maul— I Mean Mall

Most of the time I wait until the last minute to buy Christmas presents- which means I give out a lot of gift cards. But sometimes I put thought into it  and this year I’ve done just that- behold items I’m putting on my shopping list for the people I love. That means that I will be going to the Maul…I mean Mall.

Fancy underwear- who doesn’t want fancy underwear for Christmas? I don’t, but I’m not most people. This looks cool though it may be hard to wrap and one probably shouldn’t wear it in the rain

Heirloom Christmas ornaments are cool- actually my family like my Krampus ornaments so all kidding aside this is a real thing I’ll probably give as a gift.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Handmade Gifts- back when my Granddaughter was being potty trained, she hated it. She pulled her potty out into the living room, jammed this toy into the bowl and left it there.

I don’t care what anyone says- this is art. And if you don’t think I’d wrap this up and dump it ( see what I did there ) under a tree, you don’t know me at all.

Contemporary Art by Jemma Moscoso

So there you have it, my shopping list for Christmas 2022. I can’t wait to start shopping

so that I can hear the screams of delight from my loved ones on Christmas day.

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