Time Keepers

Today’s Daily Writing Prompt Asks: What gives you direction in life?

Title: Wall clock (cartel)
Creator: Étienne LeNoir|Chantilly
Photographer Unknown

My phone tells me when to wake up, to speak, to be silent

it tells me when it needs to be fed.

The clock and calander hiss and shake

when they  command  me to step it up and pay attention.

I have somewhere to be, I have nowhere to go,

I never move fast enough for them.

Would I know where to go, what to say if my phone, my calander my clock

left me and abandoned me to the world’s cruelest of fates?

Does anything I do matter

if it’s not encased in  plastic,

trapped on a card

and blessed by Priests of The Internet?

Title: Mantel Clock
Date Created: 1780 – 1800
Location Created: Paris, France
Photographer Unknown

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