I Remember You Miss Moss

Word of the Day Challenge:  Criticism

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Once upon a time someone in my family was running for Office.

All sorts of shenanigans go on right after the ballots drop in the mail- it’s because everyone is fighting for each and every vote and things do get nasty at this time.

In this case, the other candidate’s supporters went after me. I guess I was seen as a plus (‘scuse me while I pat myself on my head) However, in true negative campaign form, you need to turn those positives into negatives.

So what happened was that someone from the other candidate’s pool of supporters went on line and posted on the other candidate’s official campaign Facebook page that she had seen me in a campaign flyer and  she said that I  lookedEVIL” .

And Dark.

I was looking at the post when the calls from my friends and the campaign started to come in. People were sorry to see me get attacked. They were disturbed by it.   I got advice about how to let it roll off my back and to not rise to the bait. I agreed. I did not need to become an issue here. All I cared about was winning ( which we did ).

The last call I got was from my Dad.

He said he had seen the post calling me Dark and Evil and then he said, ” You’re in your 40’s and do I really have to tell you to wipe that smile off of your face? ”

” I’m not smiling ” I said. ” My feelings are hurt. ”

My Dad plowed on.  “Bull. You’re smiling. I can hear you smiling over the phone ” he said.

Then he went on:

” Just a tip Anita. When you say you’re feelings are hurt because someone has just said you look Dark and Evil, you might want to make it sound like you mean it and for the love of God, try to not giggle. ”

” I’m not smiling. ” I told him.

But of course-

I was.

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