Can You Dig It?

WP Daily prompt asks- What are the most important things needed to live a good life?

Title: Self Portrait (7)
Creator: Amrita Sher-Gil
Date Created: 1930
Location: Paris

That’s easy.

In order to live a good life you need, Good friends, good music, good food and books- lots and lots of books.

Plus you need a good dog- or cat- or bird. Birds are okay. I’ll list them.

But I have to say, birds kind of freak me out because birds are descended from Dinosaurs and unless you’re Godzilla I’m not rooting for you.

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Above all in order to live a good life, a secure life, a happy life you also need a good sturdy shovel.

Title: Gravediggers Shovel Prop
Creator: Jonathan Fensom
Date Created: 2014-04-01
Location: London, United Kingdom
Location Created: London, United Kingdom

Yes indeedy.  A good sturdy shovel that sits next to your back door or somewhere where it is easy to find- even in the dark- so that it’s there

when you really, really need it.

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