One True Thing

WP Prompt: List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

Hey WP Prompters, I could think of a half dozen things that I am sure of, but I’m going to go with the one that I have taken to heart and would call my Number 1 thing I am sure of and that thing is to alwaysalwaysalways be true to yourself.

When I was little and I was misbehaving and my Mom caught me dead to rights,my first reaction was of course to try like the devil to get my way out of it.

At these times she would glare down at me and dare me- and I do mean she dared me to tell the truth. That was a dare I wasn’t willing to take  and then she would take out a long hard drag on her cigarette ( she always lit up when she was scolding me ) and she would say,

” I can see your horns Marie. ”

For some reason when she that, it got through to  me and I would fess up. I think on some level when she said she saw my Horns I knew I wasn’t so clever after all and I gave in.

I mean, the whole thing about being naughty was to not be caught and she got me.

This brings me to Snapchat and that I have been reminded of something one should always remember.

A few days ago I was playing with the filters with Snapchat because some of the pictures my son has sent to me have been pretty cool:

Snapchat Jemma:


The Real Jemma:

Jemma by A.M. Moscoso
Fox Lake WI 2021

I decided to give myself Devil Horns so that I could post them on my Mom’s FB wall when I realized- dang, I should never have gone out of the way to hide my Horns because, if I must say so myself- they are pretty awesome.

Snapchat Filter-
A.M. Moscoso

Snapchat Filter A.M. Moscoso

So there you go, the one true thing I will strive to remember at all times- be myself.

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    • I’ve tried on contact lenses that looked like that- they were fantastic, but I’m not used to wearing contacts and they were not inexpensive so I had to pass on them.

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