Just a Skosh

WP Daily Prompt: What bothers you and why?

Title: Comtesse d’Haussonville
Creator: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Date Created: 1845

I hate hearing people breathe,

I hate hearing them chewing their food, sucking on their teeth in frustration

and I really hate it when they laugh to be mean and not out of joy.

I hate it when they say, ” in my humble opinion ” because opinions are a lot of things

but they are rarely humble

and the thing I hate most of all

is pretending to be civil and calm when all I want to do is ask

 some people ” What the Hell is the matter with you?”

Why do these things bother me, the Prompters at WordPress want to know

the thing of it is,

if I knew I’d probably like people a skosh  more then I do now

and I’d have more friends on my Facebook wall.

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