Magical Me


Mikuláš Galanda

My Great Grandfather was a magician back in the days of Vaudeville, he was pretty good too. My Mom said he was very handsome and that he had dark eyes which me and my brother inherited from him-anyway that’s what my Great Grandmother said.

After hearing stories about my Great Grandfather’s Magic shows, I wanted to be a magician to in the worst way, but in the 1960’s little girls were encouraged to get married and to have babies and if your husband said it was ok, you could have a little part time job.

So to get around that reality, I said I wanted to be a magician for Halloween and  when I got to the neighbors door I would perform my egg and cup trick.

One time one of our neighbors said to me that wouldn’t I rather be a Magician’s Assistant? That way I could wear a pretty dress.

I was about 6 at the time and told her- after I put my egg and cup prop away and made sure that the candy from her bowl was in my treat bag-

” Nope. ”

” Well, why not ” she asked me.

” Because. Assistants don’t get to saw people in half. ”

She looked down at me and hugged her bowl of candy to her chest. She looked down the walkway to my Dad and shook her head.

I thanked her for the candy and I bounced across the walkway to the next house to perform my magic trick.

” What did you say to her? ” my Dad asked. “Anita. What did you say to her? ”

My Dad didn’t really want an answer and I didn’t give him one.


WordPress Daily Prompt: What is a word you feel that too many people use?



what-not and lol.

Four little words that have drilled  down into my skull

and laid eggs in my brain.


I know that I am losing my hearing

but if that means I will never again

have to hear someone say



what-not and lol

and God show me mercy, sometimes people use all four of those words in one sentence

I am not going to do anything to improve my hearing

anytime soon.