The Thing In The Woods


I live in a State that proudly calls itself the home of the North American Bigfoot aka  Sasquatch.

I sort of wish that we could also claim to be the home of the Wendigo, but heck if you can claim one  cryptid as your State Fair’s Mascot you should go with it. Not everyone gets a monster of their own.

Anita’s Family & Sasquatch,  July 1st, 2022 Washington State Fairgrounds Photo A.M. Moscoso

There is of course one reason that makes me wish we had more then one ‘maybe’ monster roaming the Olympic or the Cascade Mountain ranges

AI Artwork Creator Unknown

If all we have roaming the wilds of Washington state are bunnies and bears and butterflies and quiet Spirits that swim in the lakes and fly through the air,  maybe that means there is only a place for Mother Nature’s  beautiful offspring.

AI Artwork-Creator Unknown

Between me and you,  I hope that there is at least monster- or two or three living out here in Washington state because

AI Artwork/Creator Uknown

if there aren’t any monsters, if they don’t exist here in Washington state or anywhere else,  where do I fit in?

Mermaid Tears

WP Prompt: What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?

When I am feel like my life is lacking in color, inspiration and maybe it’s getting a little too bland- like sugar free candy  ( UGH!!!! ) I sit back and close my  eyes and I picture a world where blood thirsty mermaids lure Sailors and their Ships to their watery graves.

I ignore the sounds of  people honking and  braying into their cell phones on the train, at art galleries on  Fair Ground Rides like Ferris Wheels and even at funerals ( oh yes, even there ) and the beeps and screeches that our Merciless  Overlords,  I mean our electronic devices make when they want our undivided attention.

Instead I conjure up the sweet sounds of thunder storms, creaking doors and footsteps  that echo down long dark empty hallways  in dark abandoned houses in the middle of the night.

Gertrude Abercrombie
Head on a plate with black cat

To sum it up, when I feel the world drop it’s cold, bony hand onto my shoulder I reach up and snap it off at the wrist.

That is how I improve the quality of my everyday life.