For Fandangos Flashback Friday

” Waiting “

First Published at Enduring Bones

August 2021


Gertrude Abercrombie, White Cat,

We waited for the knock on the door

we waited for the phone to ring

we waited for that crunchy crunchy swoosh sound

that cars make

when they pull up the gravel drive in front of our house.

But nobody ever visits us

nobody ever stays for very long

nobody wants to sit in the parlor


me, my cat and the picture of my dead Aunt

staring at us from her coffin

that is hanging on the wall.


Dear Lara

Quote of the day:

Trust Fund Baby Gone Wild- Donald Trump- disgraced Former U.S. President

TRUMPHUMPER  Lara Trump was quoted on a news show as saying:

“This mug shot — you wait for it — it’s going to be on posters, in people’s dorm rooms, it’s going to be on T-shirts”

Dear Lara,

You know who else has his mugshot on posters hanging from dorm room walls and stenciled onto t-shirts?

Charles Manson.

That’s who,  you knuckle dragging idiot.

Charles Manson Mugshot SO VENTURA CAL 47623 22 APR 1968


Snow Angels

Daily prompt asks: How would you design the city of the future?
If I were to design ‘ the city of the future’ I would make sure that you could hear echoes from the past during the day or late at night. The future needs to be haunted just a little the world that used to be.

Saint Louis Cemetery.
October 31, 2017
Photo A.M. Moscoso

In the Future I would design buildings that not only look like they could fly, but do.


When I think about the Future,  flying always pops to mind. Besides, after taking that long walk to the future my feet will need some rest.

AI Artwork-Creator Unknown

I just hope that in this world of Flying Buildings and Ghosts from the past haunting the future that somewhere there are towns and villages where the buildings don’t fly and during the winter when it snows people still pick their way carefully over icy sidewalks and a lot of people make snowmen and kids still  make snow angels.

Snow Effect, Sunset – Claude Monet