It Is What It Is

    1. Title: Chamber pot, with painted decoration.
    Date Created: 1501/180

I have nicknamed the town I moved to about 5 years ago.

I call it Toilet Town.

I only moved here to be closer to my family- which is good.

The part that is not good is that Toilet Town’s cultural heart is Walmart and at one point  it’s soul was housed in the body of a  local business owner who had threatened  to shoot marchers who had been permitted by the city to march in the area the business was located in if they ‘rioted’.

Just as an FYI the owner got nailed for that (being that the march was being hosted by local high school kids )  and when this business did not survive the Covid Shutdowns, I shed no effing tears.

So I do not have one single good word to say about the town I live in. It’s a toilet.

On the other hand a large part of Washington state is not a toilet and I love the mountains and the coast line and I love it that I can zip up to Victoria BC on the Ferry when the Spirit moves me-which it does- often.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Butchart Gardens
Victoria BC

Sometimes I toy with the idea of moving away from Toilet Town, but like I said. I like living close to my family.

And I have to admit.

I really do enjoy hating Toilet Town. I enjoy hating it ALOT.

Gustave Moreau1865