Halloween Fun From My Bones To Yours!

Looking to have some Halloween Fun in October with your trusty blog?

Give the Horrordailies a Try!


I’ve been participating in The Holdailies for a few years now and this is my first run at the Horrordailies.

This isn’t a cookie cutter  Holiday challange- the writers and artists who particpate bring all kinds of stories, voices, ideas to the Dailies- it’s  a very inspiring group to be in.

Here’s some info from their site:

Welcome to the 2nd annual Horrordailies, a free community blogging project where all participants commit to writing and sharing horror-related topics on their blogs every day. Participants can write about horror-related topics, post reviews of horror movies, classic horror movie posters, post original horror fiction, and more.

If you want to join us, all you need is a blog — hosted on your own domain or by sites such as WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal or Tumblr — and the time/desire to create one new thing a day and share website content with us for a month.

As a participant, you can write or post your own photos/audio/video about whatever you like on your existing website, then post the link here on the Thingadailies portal. The newest entries display first.

Horrordailies is one of several monthly blogging projects hosted by Holidailies.

Registar HERE

Horrordailies on FACEBOOK

Horrordailies Run from October 1st to October 31st.


Hope to see you there!



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