6 thoughts on “The Uninvited Visitor

      • Oh, I just call ’em as I see ’em 🙂 There are so many blogs, but in 5 years I’ve read maybe a dozen where the writing reaches in and grabs me. Your combined style and subject/theme (spooky) leave me wanting more of the story you tailor into a poem–every one I’ve read could be the opening of a novel/novelette. I don’t dwell in envy, but I must say I wish I could tap into what you’ve got going 🙂 Maybe for October, I can dig down into that space…

      • Keep it simple, then go from there. That’s what I’ve done! October is an inspiration but I’d say don’t go for perfection… go for what feels and sounds right TO YOU

        I love to write short stories,it’s what I’ve done for years but I’ve been bit by the poetry bug, so here at am 🙂

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