Beautifully Vicious


I am not a fan of the Spring

or Summer.

“How glorious it is!” cry the worshipers of the Sun.

All of that greenery and things growing and babies being born and things hatching from eggs.


Have you never seen a  Vampire movie? Seen a tic sucking blood from a dog, a leech stuck to someone’s leg?

That’s what the Spring does to the Earth, Summer is what is left after its sucked the life from everything around it.

Summer is an embalmed corpse in a casket.

” Look how natural she looks.” People say as they pass the dearly departed


No matter how you cut it, it’s still a dead body in a box and after Spring has its way Summer is the dried up formaldehyde filled remains of what the Earth  once was.


Autumn is the world taking a breath, taking a rest after being sucked dry, cooling down- it must be a relief after being mindlessly consumed like a tub full of over buttered theater popcorn by a bunch of greedy, grubby little creatures  with nothing else better to do then munch and lick their fingers greedily in the dark.


Winter is brutal- the cold, the ice, the dark the days when the Sun is blazing and no matter how long you stand under it you can’t get warm. The breath in your lungs turns to ice in your veins and I think the world is laughing its crust off.


Winter is my favorite time of the year.


It’s beautifully vicious, just like me.




Creativity Portal: Winter Writing Prompt#16

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