I Saw Her Standing There

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The first time he ever saw her, she was standing on the corner by a Stop- N- Go drinking a soda from a glass soda bottle. Her hair was loose and she was wearing a pink and white stripped shirt.

That moment had happened so long ago but those minutes stretched out for years and there was never more then five minutes when he wasn’t there with her.

” Is this really all for me?” he asked her, just as the Sun was about to fall.

She rested her chin on his shoulder and nodded. ” Every square inch. ”

” I just can’t believe it. ”

” I know, but go ahead. Try it on for size. ”

He started to step away from her and she lifted her chin up and let him go. ” I can’t believe you came all this way to give me that.”

He had slowed his car down and one of his friends had waved to her and she stepped off of the curb and smiled as she walked in front of them. The Soda bottle was only half full and her hair was so long and so dark and that minute she was in front of them  became a lifetime.

” I’ve thought about you everyday and that first time I saw you. ” he told her ” And now your here. Giving me this.” His voice caught and he turned around and reached out to her.

He thought about his wife and daughter for a second, but it was only for a second. ” What have I done to deserve this, to deserve you after all of these years.”

They were standing over his open grave, the one he would shortly be buried in and she said, ” you ran me over and left me for dead, that’s what you’ve done to deserve me now. And you’re going to deserve me for a very long time ” she promised.

They lowered his casket into the ground and at his graveside his wife and daughter cried, as they had been for several days now at their unexpected loss.

Next to his family, one of  the mourners,  the other boy from the car that day, now an old man who smoked to much and ate to much,  looked down the neatly kept cemetery path and he saw her  standing there, the girl in the pink and white top drinking soda pop from a glass bottle.



Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

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