The Ugliest Mobile Home In The Trailer Park

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7:04 am Pacific Standard Time

March 31, 2020

3,021  Coronavirus  Deaths In The United States


You know, people are being told that now is not the time to point fingers at Trump and his enablers and his thug  family for the devastation caused by the Coronavirus.

But the reality is some people have a lot of time to do exactly that.

I am one of those people affected by Trump’s horrific lack of judgment and common decency-  I was laid off from work,  so guess what. I know for a fact I have a little time to point a few fingers.

Here is a finger:

This is one single horrific example of what Trump and his lies, denial, pettiness and ineptitude have caused.  Doctors in New York are being told to, ” think more critically about who is intubated ” when their cases become overwhelming and they don’t have the resources to treat everyone in need of care.

Keep in mind, that those considered beyond the help of  this procedure will die with not a family member by their side but a Nurse- it’s a loving noble gesture but to die with a stranger holding your hand is different then  having the voices and touch of people you love in your final moments.

This is me pointing right at Trump: Every single death, every single person in mourning, every single person who is sick or lost a job or been furloughed and goes to sleep at night afraid and wakes up afraid- all of that is on Trumps hands.

Here’s another pointing finger:

In his efforts to hold his Racist Base with it’s blend of white men a few  who have told me ( as a non-white person ) with a straight face ” White Men are being discriminated against. We are a minority with less rights then everybody else now” Trump is going to be their savior and give them the world- a world where they can feel in charge, superior and above all given the entitlements that having white skin was promised to them at birth.

The United States has a petty thug for President. Doctors and Nurses are begging for medical equipment and you won’t get it if you don’t ‘appreciate’ Trump and you are not a Republican Governor.

His fans are anti-science, anti-vaxxers and apparently anti-reality- which I find funny because Trump  ran on his Reality TV Star persona.

Of course reality tv is anti reality so it fits into that poor thinking process.

You know, I had people in my life tell me that if respected them, cared about them I wouldn’t criticize Trump. I would listen and respect their point of view and I would watch Fox News so that I could see ‘both sides’.

Of course, these same people insisted Michelle Obama was a man, and President Obama wasn’t an American and was running our country into the ground  because black people- are well black-  and I was supposed to listen to that argument and “respect it’ too.

I stopped respecting these people. I cut myself off from them. I have a hard time talking to them because those relationships came with a proviso:

Get on my knees with them and praise Trump- The Petty Tyrant who has put people into their graves and turned  a great country into the ugliest mobile home in the Trailer Park.

Now I have to get on with my day- I’m going to walk my dog. Write and get on with my life- as damaged and trashed as it is by a Trust Fund Baby with the limited mental capacity of his best and most loyal supporter.

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