In Whitefish, Montana

RDP Tuesday – Distinction

In Whitefish Montana two people met on a corner and in that moment they each had a decision to make.

One person made the decision to stand on that corner with grace and dignity.

The other made the decision and now has distinction of joining the ranks of Racists and Domestic Terrorists that have plagued this country and pushed us to this terrible point in time.

In Whitefish, Montana two people had a decision to make.


In Whitefish, Montana, a young woman named Samantha Francine is confronted by a large white man with balled fists, shouting, “Black Lives Matter? Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” She does not look away.

This is America, 2020.

(Photo by Grace Jensen

2 thoughts on “In Whitefish, Montana

  1. I spent a few days in Whitefish during a cross-country drive and thought it was a picturesque, delightful town. It’s too bad that, even in a place like that, such blatant racism exists.

    • Whitefish is a beautiful place and there are good people who live there- I can say the same thing about where I have lived here in Washington state- but racism doesn’t care about that. It’s like it enjoys corrupting good places. It’s the nature of the beast.

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