Let’s Talk About My Facebook Page

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I don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook- in addition to that I don’t get a lot of likes or comments unless I post pictures of my dog ( and I don’t get enough of those as far as I’m concerned because my dog is PAWESOME ) oh and if I do that thing where I post pictures of my food- those get a lot of’ likes’ and I still haven’t figured out why that happens, I mean it’s just food on a plate and most of the time I it’s microwaved, but whatever.

I do get drama sometimes. Every once and awhile one of my ‘friends’ torch my posts because I hate Trump and I didn’t like Bernie Sanders- and when I pointed out that both Trump and Bernie’s supporters flame me with the same kinds insults and blinding hatred, that would light my feed up.

Then I put those Trump Supporters and Bernie Supporters in time out and all they see are links to my blog posts. I sort of enjoy doing that but wish I could tell them they’re in Time Out together because I’d bet they’d try to kill each other- you know the way Betta fish do when they as much see each other in separate tanks or their own reflections.

But the one thing I do enjoy about Facebook- is finding the cover picture and profile picture.

I’m proud of my recent effort.

It features New Zealand’s Swim Reaper floating in a pool telling you to stay at home so that you don’t accidently kill somebody with the Coronavirus.

My Profile Picture

I feel like I did something worthwhile with this particular post- I’m not sure who would find it so except for me and my dog ( like I said he is the BEST ) but does it matter when it comes to FB

I think FB posts are like Graffiti For Your Mind- as soon as you put something up, someone else comes along and jams something right on top of it and on it goes.

It’s all white noise.

So I try to make my wall fun, but to be honest most of the time when I look at Facebook I feel like I’m sitting next to some obnoxious motor mouth that I can’t pretend to ignore and they just won’t shut the hell up.




5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About My Facebook Page

    • I wish I could make those Meme generators work. Kidding. A few years ago I used to find the dumbest things on the internet to post on my wall. Then I took it seriously- big mistake.

  1. I’m not as active on Facebook as I used to be.It seems there’s two camps. Either I’m preaching to the choir or I’m pissing someone off. I mostly use it to stay up on current topics with friends and just browse when I’m bored. My blog is where I really express myself. I too hate Trump, and I’m not quite sold on Bernie either. I like your new profile pic 🙂

    • But God…the things that people consider current events. Kills me. Anyway, it’s all fodder for the Muses right? Glad you like my Profile pic. I think it’s funny. Tho’ it hasn’t gotten a single like. HAHAHAAHAAA

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