Say What?

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Putting My Feet In The Dirt July Prompt: #14 Don’t Tell Me It’s Fate

He told her

it was fate

that they were meant to be together

it was Fate that brought them together

it didn’t matter who got hurt, what

was lost, how long it would take to feel the glory

of what they should have had

what they were entitled too have

all along.

She told him

it was Fate

that they shared that kiss in the open

for all the world to see

no matter what anybody thought!

To Hell with them all! She cried

as he gave her his earing

and she gave him her charm,

they should have had this life

they were entitled to this life

all along!

It was Fate! She roared with passion.

One day, Fate watched them both

from her place in the tree

outside of their window

with her murder of crows

fluttering and resting on the branches below her feet.

Fate titled her head and watched his heart stop

Fate watched her trip over his body and sail down the stairs

as she ran for the phone to never ask for help

and Fate said:

” Now THAT was me. ‘

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