Bedlam 2020


Don’t tell me Anti-Fascists

burned down your Roller Rink.


Save it. I don’t want to hear

that Black Lives Matter Protestors started a fire on the side of the road that you’d

need Google Maps to find and the question is why would anyone go looking for that

road to nowhere special.

But hey,  let’s just go

ahead  and ignore the fact it was a

hometown Bubba who  allegedly  started at least one of the fires.


Don’t tell me that a reality show tv personality

who poops into a gold toilet

understands ‘ real people’ and that he ‘talks like a real person’-

because if that’s what you think ‘reality ‘ is, I can see why we are in this mess now.


Real people don’t poop in gold toilets and if a ‘real person’ talks like that reality show tv

personality in the real world, he’d end up in jail or locked up in a mental ward.


I am exhausted.


Now I think I know what it must have felt like to have worked at the Bethlem Mental



I have a sense of what it was  like to be trapped in a foul smelling, dark, dank building

with a bunch of crazy people with diseased bodies and minds,

what it must have felt like  to watch those inmates foam at the

mouth, bark and snarl and spend all day talking to people who weren’t there about a

world  that does not exist.


How much longer can I grit my teeth, smile and resist the urge to suggest a Lobotomy

for those who ride the Crazy Train and sail on sinking boats?






2 thoughts on “Bedlam 2020

  1. WOW! Tiffany’s burned down. I’ve heard all kinds of weird suppositions of fire starters from all kinds of people. I don’t live there any more but same thing happens here.

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