Date Night

Putting My Feet In The Dirt  September Writing Prompt #5 Passing- On The Passions

I could write,

maybe play my guitar

or walk my dog or spend the  day listening to  Django Reinhardt

I could even start to  decorate for Halloween.


It feels like any of these things would be the right thing to do today.


And then I look outside


The air is filling with smoke and somewhere there is a nest of murder hornets just

waiting for someone to make them mad.

The Plague is sitting on a metal surface just waiting to hitch a ride to my neighborhood

maybe even my house.


I suppose today, maybe just for this one day

I’ll sit it out, let it go, maybe tomorrow,

I won’t be  Passing on the passions.

Maybe I’ll grab them, give them a kiss and take them out

for a date.



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