The Collection

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Writing Prompt#14 : At the heart of her


At the heart of her is  a collection of memories-

sweet kisses, bitter tears, harsh words and kept promises.

At the heart of her

is where her dreams sleep and her nightmares run wild

and her brain tries to tell them all to sleep,  let it rest for awhile.

A the heart of her

where songs she learned as a girl and stories she has  told as a woman

whisper to each other when she watches the snow fall or the Sunset.

At the heart of her

are the sounds of closing doors, turning locks

a car door slamming shut and driving away

these sounds are louder then all of the rest

and they take up the most room

At the heart of her.

4 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. Today I am reading and writing about memory. There must be a reason for this.

    These words tell the truth about what many don’t conceive or perceive … until, that is, they are beautifully shared as they are here.

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