What Does The Hubble Telescope and Scallops Have In Common?

RDP Tuesday: Clam

Scallops taste yummy and they can swim.

Those are interesting factoids and they are well known ( except for the swimming scallops, I had no idea they could do that )

But the one thing I find fascinating is that some clams have eyes and that design of the Scallop’s eyes resemble the Hubble telescope. Is that a big deal?

Yes it is.

Their eyes are complex- as one example, they have two sets of retinas.

The Upper Retina detects shadows, so it’s a defensive mechanism and there is a theory that the Lower Retina in each eye  ( there are two hundred eyes total ) might somehow work together to take 200 separate images and combine them into one image.

Nobody knows for sure, but the idea is the stuff of sci-fi stories so I’m digging it.


Sea Scallops

Sea Scallops have the most accurate vision among the sighted bivalves.

I don’t know about you, but the idea that a Scallop or a clam can see or sense your face is an idea that this writer thinks she will be turning over in her mind for awhile. It’s just a nightmare waiting to happen.


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