37 Days and Counting

There are 37 Days until Halloween and I have chosen three short stories for you to enjoy from three excellent authors.

These stories are written in such a way that they must be read slowly and devoured and relished, like a Halloween candy.

Enjoy them, savor them and may they bring you  sweet dreams.


The Hand  by Guy de Maupassant

” I have also been frequently Man- Hunting”

The Furnished Room by O. Henry

“…but it would be strange if there could not be found a ghost or two in the wake of all these vagrant guests.”

Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You My Lad’ – by M.R. James

 “for I have in a dream thirty years back seen the same thing happen; but the reader will hardly, perhaps, imagine how dreadful it was to him to see a figure suddenly sit up in what he had known was an empty bed”


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