Revolting Muffins

Putting My Feet In The Dirt September Writing Prompt#21 – Meaty Muffins

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Girl Power


                                                                                             I am woman hear me roar!


But I like to wear pink, I like to giggle and not think about World Peace  and Carbon Footprints.


     I don’t want to chip my nails, I don’t want to change the oil or pump gas into my car

or carry heavy bags out of the store.


             Feminism kicked me out of her club and told me to come back when I am woke.


Listen up.


 I’ve got a wicked left hook and if you try to pat me on the head I’ll snap

your arm like a dry twig  that’s  headed for the fireplace  in November


Don’t call me cupcake, don’t call me a tough cookie

Just call me


Meaty Muffin.

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