Which do I prefer?

Word of the Day Challenge: Bloom

Today I asked myself a question and decided to answer truthfully. No playing around. No being clever. Here we go:

Flowers bloom

Crusty Itchy Rashes bloom too.

Both come in a variety of colors, patterns and some spread more easily then others.

Some require a lot of care and others do just fine, thank you on their own.


Do I like one lot  less then the other?

Isn’t it obvious.

of course I do.


Crusty Itchy Rashes show up for no reason at all, you could never say they’ve been used as an emotional bribe, left to rot in a cemetery or given as a gift because you FORGOT ( fill in the even here ) WAS TODAY.


Flowers in full bloom

are always cut in their prime

tied up with ribbon and shoved in a vase

are dead.






As least Crusty Itchy rashes are alive.


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