Given Life and Beloved- Month of Love#9

Paula Light’s challenge: , “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve (aka love) by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.

Sometimes you read something, like a poem or you hear a song and you say- wow that really is about  true love.

Sometimes though, these tributes show up in unexpected places.

Even if you don’t know anything about ancient Egypt or Pharaohs and their wives, it’s easy enough to see how much this Pharaohs loved his wife.

It wasn’t expressed through the carvings and monuments you see here.

It’s what he had written about his love for her:

“A temple of great and Mighty monuments, for the Great Royal Wife Nefertari Meryetmut, for whose sake the (very) sun does shine, given life and beloved”

For whose sake, the Sun does shine.


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