Dear Writers, Watch This!

 I have learned is that stepping out of your genre  can only add  richness to your writer’s voice.

For example.

I don’t get poetry, I don’t understand poetry I never actually read or enjoyed it. But when I started getting comments from readers who read my short stories and thought they were poems, I said to myself ” maybe you should do this on purpose “

What I discovered was writing poems helped me learn to express the visual aspects of my stories and it helped me keep on track and focused when I wrote short stories or flash fiction.

So give this clip a view- of course I’d suggest watching the film as well. But what I wanted to share was the wealth of information you will find here.






One thought on “Dear Writers, Watch This!

  1. I feel the same way about poems and poetry, yet when I do attempt to post what I call “free-style” poetry, people seem to enjoy it. But in reality, my poetry is just choppy prose with little to no punctuation. So not really poetry.

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