Lunch Time

RDP Challenge: Slumber

When I was about 11 years old, our teacher used to let us bring in records at lunch time  ( we didn’t have a cafeteria, we at our desks in the classroom )and we’d get to take turns playing our 45’s ( Yep. I am that old )

There were some songs I liked more then others but one of my classmates brought in this single and I was blown away by the song and the band.

I became a fan, this band was the first group I ever saw in concert. I collected magazines and found out how to get their imports.

The band was the Bay City Rollers.

Here’s sleepy memory of that bright spot in my childhood that wakes up and threatens to overshadow it all.

Every single chance someone older then me- -older kids, would back me into a corner and go into great graphic detail about what Gay men did to each other.


I still know some of these people, they have daughters and granddaughters now.

And if you don’t think I haven’t mentioned what a horrible thing that was to do – I have. Every chance I got. I could not let it go because I know it was inappropriate to talk to a kid like that back then and as an adult I was loaded for bear.

I did wonder if they tolerated that happening to their daughters or granddaughters and all I can say is  given the trash talk they  were so at ease with spreading back in the day, I don’t think there was anyway for those girls who came into their lives years late could escape it.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Still, I do still love this song and remembering how much fun it was to share records at lunch time is still one of my favorite school memories.

And for all of that, nothing could spoil it for me.

Saturday Night is still my favorite song and I can sit down and play my guitar to every song the Bay City Rollers ever recorded.

So there you haters.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t ruin everything you touch.