The Almost Girl

Word of The Day Challenge: Penalty



You have such a big mouth

that’s all anyone sees

when you open it and talk

there’s  nothing to hear

you have such a big mouth

you need to shut it,.


You are not as smart as you think you are

quit being a show off, let someone else have a turn

just because you read a lot

doesn’t mean your smart

did you hear me? You have such a big mouth, you need to shut it.


Nothing you do

hasn’t been done  better by others before

quit acting like you are so special you’re just a show off

even you know it’s true

Wipe smile off your face and while you are at

You have a big mouth, you need to shut it.


Why won’t you go out

why don’t you have any friends

why don’t you act like a normal girl, a regular kid

it’s like you don’t even really exist.

All you do is sit there and stare

Speak! Say Something! That’s what your big mouth is for.


Let’s Go To The Dogs!

Today I say we go to the dogs, want to join me?


.And now for a very special endorsement:




Listen To That

Inspired By: Putting my Feet In The Dirt Prompt # 4 Spilling Stella

Image by Erin Hanson

The field behind my house


Of course, you could say what I’m hearing are bugs flying around

or I am hearing the power lines working away

they way they do

but I’m not so sure about that.


I’ve walked through that field with my dog and the minute we start to break a path

through the

grass and nettles, the humming stops

and all I can hear are our footsteps and our breathing

and the crunching of dry grass and twigs left over from the previous fall.


I’ve stopped to take pictures

I’ve stopped to give my dog a drink of water

I’ve even dug around a little bit, to see if anything scuttled away from us

through the grass and under the brush

just to see if it hummed as it ran away, or maybe it would growl.


Nothing hummed, nothing moved

it was as quiet as a cemetery out there

in that field behind my house where despite all of the sounds I hear

I am sure that whatever is out there is hungrily listening

to us breathe.