The Flower Thief

Inspired by Linda G Hill’s Consciousness Saturday Prompt: Day/week/month/year

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

There was a knock on the door,

I opened it, you smiled

wrong house you said, you have pretty eyes you apologized

the wind blew the door shut after you walked away that day,  not me.


I opened a window and called out hello

you stopped turned around waved

and called who’s there, it’s me I said pushing the curtains away,

it was  morning, it was Spring it was starting to rain.


I planted  flowers

you cut them down

I never noticed until they were all gone, the bees cried a little

when they came for them at dawn.


A day, a month, a week a year

you saw me in the blink of an eye

a shadow in a garden, a misty figure in a hall.

I saw you forever, I always will.